Custom Seamless Gutters and Accessories

5" and 6" Aluminum Gutters
We offer every type of Fort Worth rain gutter that your house may need. While 5 inch rain gutters will work for most houses there are some residential homes that have tile or metal roofs that may require 6 inch gutters because of the overhang of your roof. Give us a call and my Dad Charles Gallagher will come out and give you an expert opinion on which type of rain gutter system your house needs.
Series 3100 Hidden Hangers
Series 3100 Hidden hangers are the Top of the line hidden hanger and replace unsightly alternatives of the past such as the giant nail or screw "spikes" as well as "half straps or gutter straps" which were nailed into your roof and screwed onto the older 1500 series hanger in an effort to prevent sagging. The problem with both of these older methods is over time the nails and even spike screws come out and your gutters will begin sagging. With proper gutter maintence (mainly cleaning out your gutters or picking a screening product for your fort worth gutter system) these hangers will prevent sagging for the lifetime of your rain gutters.
Senox Roll Lock
This is an outdated screen that use to be our standard. We have upgraded our basic screen to be the "micro mesh" variety which is very similar to roll lock but with smaller holes. For more details please read below.
Senox Micro Mesh
This is an improvement to the old "roll lock" variety screens which features much smaller holes that prevents smaller leaves and branches from blocking your downspouts and comprimising the integrety of your fort worth gutters.
Midwest Step Down
The Step down screen is ideal for metal and tile roofs where you can not slide the back of the screens underneath the shingles as required by the installation guidelines for the Sennox micro mesh. This screen sits on the Hidden hangers and "clips" underneath the lip on the front of the gutter.
E-Z Leaf Sweep
This is closer to the more and more popular variety of solid tops. It is made out of .024 painted aluminum and is avaiable in white, black and royal brown.
Tiger Guard
The Tiger guard is the same design as the E-Z leaf sweep variety of leaf screen but it has a patented rubber lip that is at a 45 degree angle from the screen and helps prevent the streaks that are caused on lighter color gutters by dirty roofwater runoff coming down the front of your gutter. The name was chosen because the company has termed those ugly lines as "tiger striping". These work great and may be worth the extra investment if you are not willing to clean the face of your gutters twice a year to prevent long term staining from occuring.
Leaf Free
LeaFree™ is a sturdy aluminum gutter cover that is engineered using the principles of water adhesion which claim the water will run around the front lip of the leaf screen and back into the gutter while the leaves and roofing debris will slide right off your roof. This is one of the many odd side effects of hydrogen bonding and it is the same reason that most of the water that goes down your downspouts follows the sides of the downspout. Very little water is actually in the middle area of the downspout unless it is a torrential downpour. This is our first screen that offers a no clog warrenty. We have a simple if it gets clogged we will fix it and this applies for the same length as our warrenty on the gutters ten years! In very heavy rains there will be some water that comes over the front lip of your gutter but this is much better than having leaves and water sitting in your gutter all the time and rotting out your fascia and eve. This is a perfect choice for those of us that want to put up our gutters and think of them very rarely after that!