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Who We Are

Lessard's Rain Gutters was one of the first full service gutter companies in Fort Worth, Texas.  We started in 1979 and have continued to grow by providing outstanding customer service and quality work.  We cater to numerous gutter needs for builders, roofers and homeowners with no job too big or too small. My dad is the owner of Lessards Rain Gutters and I have always taken great pride that he will always give honest bids. There are some contractors in the Fort Worth Area that will jack up the price on homes that they think they can get away with it but rest assured with Lessards Rain Gutters you will always get a fair and balanced estimate.

Service Areas

We not only install gutters in Fort Worth, but we also cater to numerous surrounding areas such as Granbury, Glen Rose, Weatherford, Cleburne, Mineral Wells, Cresson, Aledo, Hico, Benbrook, Burleson, Lipan, Stephenville, Tolar, and the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex areas. We have traveled as far as Oklahoma for commercial jobs and if you are outside of the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex feel free to call to see if we can arrange an estimate.

Quality Products

We offer a variety of gutter products such as 5", 6" and 7" K-style gutters, as well as half round and copper gutters.  Lessards also offer's decorative or environmentally friendly accessories such as rain chains and rain barrels to enhance your rain gutter system.

Leaf Screens and Leaf Gutter Guards- We offer a full range of Leaf Screens with options ranging from our basic leaf screen which is a steel mesh that has been powder-coated to prevent rust, All the way up to our Gutter Glove Ultra which has a no clog guarantee and comes with a 15 year warranty through the manufacturer.

Our Promise

Lessards Gutters prides themselves on the quality of their jobs and provides a 10 year warranty at no additional charge to the homeowner. We also promise to always offer you the highest quality fort worth gutters at the best price. We will only offer what you need. We will never try and sell you oversized gutters or downspouts if you do not need them.

Why You Need Gutters?

Your house is a big investment and Lessards Rain Gutters can help protect it. There are many different reasons why your fort worth home may need rain gutters. Washout is a common problem that can be easily fixed by installing rain gutters on your home. In the Fort Worth area there are a lot of white rock houses and when the rain causes the red dirt and clay to splash up on your granbury stone it can really make your brand new Fort Worth home look spoiled. The more obvious reason of not getting drenched with rain water runoff every time it rains is another great reason to install rain gutters on your home.

How Gutters Improve Your Home

  • Adds Value to appraisal!!!
  • Eliminates annoying water runoff
  • Limit the movement of active zone soils underneath the foundation by reducing the amount of water that enters at the foundation wall
  • Prevents Mulch washout and soil erosion
  • Eliminates water problem areas

Why Choose Lessards Gutters?

There are other companies to choose from in Fort Worth, but NONE who have been in the business as long as we have!  For over 30 years we have been installing and repairing seamless rain gutters in Fort Worth and surrounding areas.  With Lessards long time experience and superior high grade aluminum products, every gutter job will be done with quality and care you can trust in!  Choose Lessards Gutters for all your Fort Worth Gutter needs!

We can beat other bids!  Get your Free / No hassle Rain Gutter Estimate now!